2017  Bootleggers Schedule

February 3rd - Breezy Rider

February 10th - Bishop Road

February 17th - Megaband

February 24th - The Hobbs Sisters

March 3rd - Broken Reins

March 10th - Trainwreck

March 17th - Riverhawk

March 24th - Breezy Rider

March 31st - Southern Detour

April 7th - Jessica Hannan

*Season Finale* April 14th - Northern Whiskey *Season Finale*



Participant Rules

  1. Be safe and have fun!
  2. TRUCK NIGHT ENDS AT MIDNIGHT! The Pit and Tractor Crew DUTIES end at Midnight also. You cannot continue riding past midnight; you must leave the mud riding areas.
  4. The CREEK is OFF LIMITS to all vehicles as per EPA regulations! If you are caught crossing or riding through the creek you will be EJECTED!
  5. DRINKING AND DRIVING IS AGAINST THE LAW. All offenders will be prosecuted.
  6. The driver is responsible for ALL PASSENGERS in their vehicle, specifically referring to people in the BED OF TRUCKS, their safety is YOUR responsibility.
  7. No sitting on the sides of truck beds or door windows, or standing in sunroofs.
  8. No STANDING in the back, in the bed, or on the sides (running boards) of any vehicle.
  9. Trucks w/ beds are limited to 8 people in shorter beds and 10 people in full size beds. Use Judgement!
  10. Any vehicle without sides (example: flatbeds) must have a seat WITH SEATBELTS if there are passengers on it.
  11. The vehicle MUST HAVE WORKING LIGHTS after dusk.
  12. PLEASE wear your seatbelt if you are climbing hills or on the trail. You CAN roll the vehicle!
  13. Please obey “ENTER” and “EXIT” signs for safety and to avoid collisions.
  14. Excessive speeds and reckless driving WILL NOT be tolerated! You will be issued a warning and if you continue you will be escorted out.
  15. STAFF IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for hooking up your vehicle. YOU ARE! They will help if necessary! This does not pertain to the MUD PITS; that is Staffs’ responsibility!
  16. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have a pre-hooked chain or tow strap under the front and/or the rear of your vehicle to save precious time hooking you up and pulling you out. This will keep you from having to lie in the mud and find something under your vehicle to hook to!
  17. ON THE TRAIL - turn on headlights, OBEY SIGNS AND DIRECTION ARROWS, don’t move barriers or go through fenced areas, watch for trucks on hills, and PLEASE DO NOT LITTER!
  18. If your truck is stuck, please stay with it until Staff arrives. Someone needs to be with the vehicle for Staff to pull it out.
  19. A PIT PASS does not give you permission to roam around on foot in the driving areas. You could get hit by reckless drivers. Please stay IN or AT the vehicle you are with. Do not park your vehicle in the driving areas to sit and watch, keep them parked along the side.
  20. All Quads, utility vehicles, golf carts, or similar recreational vehicles are NOT PERMITTED to be ridden on the grounds during TRUCK NIGHT. Any recreational vehicles on the grounds are STAFF or people w/special permission to ride. Please respect that!
  21. Side by Sides, Razors & Dune Buggys are now permitted, but they MUST have working lights (front, back and brake lights). AND they MUST have an orange flag attached that is at least 8 feet tall. All passengers MUST wear seatbelts. This is for your safety. Please use caution, especially around large trucks that may not be able to see your low profile. Flags can be purchased at Johnny K's Powersports.
  22. We do our best to give you free roam to do as you wish WITHIN REASON but we must look out for EVERYONES safety so please do as the STAFF requests!
  23. If your actions are endangering other vehicles you WILL be asked to park your vehicle or leave to prevent the risk of injury to others.
  24. These guidelines are not to keep you from having a great time; they are to protect you, your passengers, and other drivers from unsafe activities and injury. Please do not argue with or repeatedly disobey STAFF members’ requests or you WILL be escorted out. We want to see you leave safely so you can COME BACK AGAIN!
  25. All future updates will apply to your visit.

Truck Night at Yankee Lake is a Friday night event from May through August located in Brookfield, Ohio.

Contact Us

 Truck Night at Yankee Lake
1800 State Route 7 NE

Brookfield Ohio, 44403

Phone: 330-610-5724

E-mail: admin@trucknight.com

Tweets from trucknight @trucknight

Admission Prices


Spectators - $5 per person

Participants - $10 per person (includes driver/truck if applicable)
Kids - 10 and under free
(12 and under must enter premises with an adult)

Waivers Must Be Signed
All Participants and Pit Pass holders MUST sign a waiver to enter the participant area. You MUST be 18 or older to sign the waiver, or have a LEGAL GUARDIAN co-sign the waiver with you.

All State and Federal Laws apply.
Think Safety First!

All Spectators are required to stay out of the participant area. Please do not climb over the fences or ignore warning signs. They are there for your safety and the safety of the participants. If you bring children to the event you must supervise them at all times. We are not responsible for watching your children and we want everyone to be safe and have fun. No pets are allowed!

All State and Federal Laws must be obeyed. If you intend to consume alcoholic beverages you must be 21 or older, show your ID at the entrance gate, and get a band from the on duty police officers. If you see someone drinking under age or witness misconduct of any kind, do not intervene. Go to the nearest Staff Member or Police Officer and notify them of the situation immediately. They are there to diffuse these situations.

There are Undercover Police Officers on duty at Truck Night. If you are caught drinking under age or breaking any laws you will be prosecuted and removed from the event.​

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