June 25, 2012

If you missed it, here is a recap of our 2nd Annual Mega Truck Challenge. This year we had 29 mega trucks from all around the country participate in 5 events over 2 days.

Day 1 started with the Mega Truck Tug-O-Wars and and finished with the Deep Pit challenge. At the end of the day Desperado was leading the pack. Check out the Day 1 video below.

Day 2 two started early. First was the circle track Tire Pull, next the Obstacle Course, and we finished up with the Hill N Hole. Watch the video below to see the winner of the Mega Truck Challenge.

Boar Hog - Photo by Ashley FosterFinal Rankings:

1st – Boar Hog
2nd – Floored Whore
3rd – Desperado

Floored Whore - Photo by Ashley Foster4th – Wild One
5th – 38 Special
6th – Goliath
7th – Going Deep
8th – Mechanical Bull
Desperado - Photo by Ashley Foster9th – Alcohaulin
10th – Redneck Viper
11th – Mudweiser
12th – The Tease
13th – Ram N Scram
14th – Redneck Tech
15th – Truck Norris
16th – Bad Medicine
17th – Little Big Foot
18th – Mistress
19th – PGW
20th – Broken
21st – Mud King
22nd – Wasted Wages
23rd – No Bull
24th – Creepy Crawler
25th – Monster Masher
26th – Killer Croc
27th – Flying Pig
28th – Adam’s Off-Road Bronco
29th – The One & Only

Photos by Ashley Foster

May 11, 2012

It’s finally here. Truck Night at Yankee Lake 2012.

This is our 9th season in operation at Yankee Lake. It’s been 9 years of crazy mudding fun, from our little beginnings with a couple of mud holes and a dirt tug-o-war, to 5,000 weekly spectators and participants. Because of all of your support we have been able to expand to having acres of mud pits, rock crawls, hill climbs, miles of trails, cement tug-o-war, a stage for concerts and special events, and a thorough-fair with food, drinks and games for all.

This year we are doing some upgrading to our tug pad with 3 way stop lights and more overhead lighting. We still need to do some tweaking here, but it’s coming along. We’re also planning on having some big concerts outside on the Truck Night grounds, soon to be announced.

We’re also trying out a new Hill and Hole event. It’s a straight 300ft mud run with 3 monster hills and 3 holes filled with mud. Rev up your truck at the start and give it all you got when the flag drops. We will be having open runs as well as competitions throughout the year. It will even be one of the feature events in our 2012 Mega Truck Challenge.

Mega Truck Challenge

We are having our 2nd Annual Mega Truck Challenge. Another 2 day weekend that consists of 36 V-Tread Mega Trucks competing in 5 events for the title of King of Truck Night. This event will be covered by 1st-time Truck Nighters 4xMayhem, who will be out to shoot video for their next Off-Road DVD. That’s not all! 4x4Cross will also be present to shoot for a Mud Life Magazine article.

We’re giving away massive trophies to the winners along with $1500 in cash. The top 2 will even qualify for the Throttle King Mega Truck National Series Crowning Event. Watch the big boys compete June 8th & 9th. Check out last years Mega Truck Challenge in the video below.

Trucks Gone Wild

Of course Matt Steele and Trucks Gone Wild will be returning for a 2 day weekend of madness, when over 10,000 die hard mudders will roll in from around the country to party and put on a show for the cameras. If you love big parties and big trucks, do not miss this weekend on July 27th & 28th. Check out last years TGW event in the video below.

Special Events

Every weekend there is a special event to go along with the usual mudding, tugging, trail blazing and rock crawling. Everything from Truck & Tractor Pulls, to Rock Crawling events, to Redneck Weddings, to Car Jumps, to Lawn Mower Demos, to Concerts and more.

Plus, we’ve got our trusty mechanical bull, Dillinger waiting for you to take the ride of your life, every Friday night. Oh yeah, and our Monster Party Shuttle Bus will take you and your family for a spin through the mud for only $1 per person.

Nonstop fun all summer. Only $5 to be a spectator or $10 to participate in the truck and mud action.

So check out our full schedule HERE and see you in the mud!

September 23, 2010

October 1st and 2nd – Weekend

UPDATED 9-27-2010

MudSpace.comThe Truck Night at Yankee Lake 2010 Season is coming to a close… But the people from are coming out for a 2 day season closer Extravaganza! Gear
If you’re not a part of then you must check them out now at They are a social network geared toward the mudding lifestyle, and they will be at Truck Night on October 1st and 2nd with big bad trucks and tons of gear to hand out to the fans.

Get in Featured Video
Also, this weekend’s Truck Night video will be featured on and in our DVD “Mud Trucks & Beer”. So this is your chance to show off what you’ve got to the whole world, Yankee Lake style.

Free Truck Night Calendars
As a bonus Truck Night will be handing out a FREE 2011 Truck Night Calendar to every paying Truck that enters the gates to participate.

Weekend Discounts
If you bring in your Truck on Friday, you can get a discounted 2 Day Pass for only $15.
If you enter as a Spectator on Friday and buy a Pit Pass for both days we will waive the second days entrance fee, and you save $5.

DAY 1 – Friday, October 1st

Weekend Long Deep Pit Challenge:
The top 3 trucks that get through our Deep Pit the fastest or the furthest by the end of Day 2 will win cash! 1st Place: $300. 2nd Place: $150. 3rd Place: $50.

So bring your big wheeled mega truck down to the muck and see where you get!

(SORRY NO MUDSLINGERS OR SKIPPERS ALLOWED IN COMPETITION) If your truck is meant to skip right over the mud you will not be allowed to enter into the competition. You must go “Through” the mud.

As always there will be plenty of games, dancing, music, food, truck events and mechanical bull rides!

DAY 2 – Saturday, October 2nd

On Day 2 the Gates Open at 2pm and the Deep Pit Challenge continues starting at 3pm with $500 in cash prizes at stake.

Hot Dog Eating Contest
Around 5pm ten contestants will be chosen to participate in a Hot Dog Eating Contest with $100 as the grand prize. How many can you slug down in 10 minutes?

Mega Truck Tug-O-Wars
Want to show how tough your truck is? Want to be sure to get featured in the Truck Night Video, DVD and on the website? Bring your big bad v-tread to the tug pad at 7pm and face off with some of the baddest trucks this side of the Mississippi.

Camping and Hotels

As always we allow visitors from far and wide to camp over night on our Truck Night grounds during our weekend events. But, we only have limited space and we do not have any electric or sewage hookups for trailers or RVs.

It is Fall so remember it can get cold at night. Bring plenty of warm clothes and blankets. We will have bonfires in the spectator area during both nights to keep everyone warm and toasty.

For a more exhaustive list of Campgrounds and Hotels click on the links below.

We Hope to see everyone for our Season Closer with!

August 31, 2010

That’s right! Mud Life Magazine is coming to Truck Night at Yankee Lake on September 17th and 18th for a weekend long mud fest! They are bringing their whole crew to take photos of Trucks in action and our Beautiful Truck Night Babes for a chance to be in their next issues centerfold. You don’t want to miss this mega event!!!

Mud Life Magazine Tour

DAY 1 – Friday, September 17th
Mud Life Magazine

Trucks will be rolling in from all over the country, many returning after our super successful Trucks Gone Wild Weekend. Get here early to get a spot and watch all of the Mega Truck Mudding Action!

“Mrs. Mud Life Contest and Mud Life Show N Shine”

We will have a Miss Mud Girl Contest, Daisy Dukes Style, Friday Night to determine Mud Life Magazine’s newest MUD GIRL! Preliminary Rounds Friday will decide the top group of ladies to compete for the title on Saturday Night. The winner will have a photo shoot done for the OCT/NOV issue of the magazine and will also receive a MUD GIRL PROMO PACKAGE!!

We will also have a SHOW n SHINE!! A Yankee Lake Style “Show n Shine” judged by you, the attendees, with the winner receiving a spread in Mud Life Magazine. All Winners to be announced after the MEGA TRUCK “TUG-O-WAR” Saturday Night!

DAY 2 – Saturday, September 18th


Saturday afternoon we are inviting all challengers to a MEGA TRUCK “TUG-O-WAR” Yankee Lake Style!! Our Tug Pad is home to the most exciting TUG Matches around an Any and all rides are welcome to compete.

We will have 2 classes, an all D.O.T. Tire Class and a V-TREAD Class! We’ll be hooking up trucks starting around 3pm to find the Baddest Tug Trucks in the Northeast, Yankee Lake Style!!

Camping and Hotels

As always we allow visitors from far and wide to camp over night on our Truck Night grounds during our weekend events. But, we only have limited space and we do not have any electric or sewage hookups for trailers or RVs. For a more exhaustive list of Campgrounds and Hotels click on the links below.

Hope to see you all there!

July 8, 2010

July 30th and 31st are another Trucks Gone Wild Weekend!

Trucks Gone WildMatt Steele of the Speed Channel and his crew have been coming to Truck Night at Yankee Lake for the past few years to film our event for their Nationally Sold “Trucks Gone Wild” DVD. This year they are coming back and it should be one of our best years ever! We have already been receiving emails from people in Canada, Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida and beyond letting us know that they will be at Truck Night for this annual event.

What is Trucks Gone Wild?

Seriously?  You Don’t Know?  It is the worlds most amazing Mud Bogging,  Mega Truck DVD, produced by  Matt Steele and his gang. I can’t believe you didn’t know that ;)

They load up every year and visit all of the best 4×4 events across the nation and film them so that you can view all of the mega truck mayhem from the comfort of your home.  It seriously has to be one of the best ideas ever, and Matt delivers with amazing coverage of more mud truck carnage than you can handle.  If you’ve never been to their website check them out at:

P.S. Trucks Gone Wild just announced that they are bringing their merchandise Trailer to Truck Night at Yankee Lake for the 1st Time Ever!!!

What To Expect This Year

Like I said at the top, this year is going to be better than ever.  Our Trucks Gone Wild Event begins on Friday July 30th at 6pm.  Trust me you are going to want to get there early.  The traffic is going to be crazy, and people are coming from all over the country to get on the Trucks Gone Wild DVD.  Friday usually goes until Midnight and it includes everything from Truck Tug-O-Wars, Extreme Mud Bogging, Miles of Trails, Hill Climbs, Rock Crawls, and fun and games for the whole family.

Saturday the 31st is an all day event.  The mudding starts around 11am and continues into the late hours of the evening.  This is when the really big Mega Trucks like to roam around and put on shows for the cameras.  We may even have a few special attractions lined up under our sleeves.  Just make sure to bring the sun block or coat yourself in mud, because it is going to be a nonstop day of mudding fun in the sun on Saturday!

Some Changes We Have Made

If you made it out to TGW weekend last year you know that our parking situation was out of control in the Pit area. This year should be a much better situation because we have eliminated non participating cars from parking where the Truck Trailers unload. We will also be opening another parking lot across the creek for participants. We hope this alleviates the problem and makes Truck Night a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Camping and Hotels

As always we allow visitors from far and wide to camp over night on our Truck Night grounds during the Trucks Gone Wild Weekend.  But, we only have limited space and we do not have any electric or sewage hookups for trailers or RVs.  For a more exhaustive list of Campgrounds and Hotels click on the links below.

We hope to see everyone out on the weekend of the 30th and 31st!  It is going to be an amazing time and Matt Steele and his crew will be filming it all.  So this is your chance to shine in front of a national audience!  Come get some mud!!!

2008 Trucks Gone Wild Weekend

Hope to see you all there!

June 14, 2010

Finally here is the ATV Jamboree footage from May 22nd.

It was one heck of a rainy day, but so many of you still made it out and had a blast. Mud drags, tug-o-war and obstacle courses. Good times. Hope you can all make it out for the August 28th ATV Summer Drag!

This video features music by Reign of One. Check them out at

June 7, 2010

The Tug-O-War Pit is all about Pulling for your Pride. It’s where the winner takes all of the glory!

Watch as Scott and Kyle battle it out in the Tug-O-War pit on June 4th. Over 8 minutes of back and forth pulling action. Half way through Scott gets out of his truck and jumps in Kyle’s bed to throw out 200 lbs. of weight. Now without the extra load who will win??? Check out the video below and let them know your thoughts in the comments section!

*Scott is in the Brown Ford and Kyle is in the Blue Ford.

June 6, 2010

Did you miss out on the Lawn Mower Demo Derby June 6th? Well it looks like we are going to have another one, but if you can’t wait, here is the Derby in its entirety.

17 Modified Lawn Mowers set to destroy. Watch the steel crunching, bone bruising hits in the winner takes all battle to the last mower!

May 15, 2010

General Lee JumpFriday July 23rd the Northeast Ohio Dukes are going to perform their Hazzard County Stunt Show. This year it will be a 1 hour show featuring several stunts, a shoot out and climax with the General Lee Long Jump.

The Dukes Jump is usually one of the biggest nights during the Truck Night Season. We have had up to 10,000 spectators come out to watch Raymond Kohn Jump the General. The first Jump took place back in August of 2007 at Truck Night at Yankee Lake. Back then the Show was much simpler. Ray Geared up in his General Lee and made the first jump in front of thousands of fans. From there it just got better.

General Lee Jump 2010

This year the Northeast Ohio Dukes have outdone themselves. They are putting on an hour long action packed show featuring car chases, roll overs, shootouts and jumps. They will even have a t-shirt launcher to pump Dukes shirts into the crowd.

Hazzard County Stunt Show Preview

If you grew up loving the Duke’s of Hazzard, or you just like watching dangerous stunts, be sure to make it out Friday July 23rd. And make sure to check out our up and coming DVD Mud Trucks & Beer, which features behind the scenes footage and interviews with Ray Kohn and the Northeast Ohio Dukes.

Truck Night Videos Featuring The General Lee Jump

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Northeast Ohio Dukes – For More Videos and Photos and to Hire the Dukes for your Event

May 12, 2010

You guys wanted it, so here it is!

6 Minutes of nothing but 2 Titans of the Deep Mud battling it off in HD!  No music, just the roar of the iron beasts.  Watch as Mud Slut and Floored Whore have a Tug-O-War Battle in the Swampy Mud of dried up Yankee Lake!

Thanks to drivers Scott and Josh.  Also a shout out to Special Guest Monster Masher!

Don’t forget to leave a comment!  Who is your favorite Yankee Lake Monster Truck:  Mud Slut, Floored Whore or Monster Masher?

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