June 25, 2012

If you missed it, here is a recap of our 2nd Annual Mega Truck Challenge. This year we had 29 mega trucks from all around the country participate in 5 events over 2 days.

Day 1 started with the Mega Truck Tug-O-Wars and and finished with the Deep Pit challenge. At the end of the day Desperado was leading the pack. Check out the Day 1 video below.

Day 2 two started early. First was the circle track Tire Pull, next the Obstacle Course, and we finished up with the Hill N Hole. Watch the video below to see the winner of the Mega Truck Challenge.

Boar Hog - Photo by Ashley FosterFinal Rankings:

1st – Boar Hog
2nd – Floored Whore
3rd – Desperado

Floored Whore - Photo by Ashley Foster4th – Wild One
5th – 38 Special
6th – Goliath
7th – Going Deep
8th – Mechanical Bull
Desperado - Photo by Ashley Foster9th – Alcohaulin
10th – Redneck Viper
11th – Mudweiser
12th – The Tease
13th – Ram N Scram
14th – Redneck Tech
15th – Truck Norris
16th – Bad Medicine
17th – Little Big Foot
18th – Mistress
19th – PGW
20th – Broken
21st – Mud King
22nd – Wasted Wages
23rd – No Bull
24th – Creepy Crawler
25th – Monster Masher
26th – Killer Croc
27th – Flying Pig
28th – Adam’s Off-Road Bronco
29th – The One & Only

Photos by Ashley Foster

3 Responses to “Mega Truck Challenge 2012”

  1. Shawn Wiley says:

    Y’all Forgot “The One & Only” Lol

  2. Truck Night says:

    Sorry Shawn, lol. I fixed it. Guess they didn’t write you on the board :-/ You put on a good show though!

  3. Shawn Wiley says:

    Haha Its All Good, Thank Ya, Went Out Quick But Still Had A Blast Hangin Out With The Boys…..And Allie Lol

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