Participant Introduction

This is where all of the action happens. If you are a 16 year old, or older, licensed driver you can take part in the Truck Night Participant activities. Of course if you are under 18 years old your Legal Guardian must sign for you to enter the Participant area. And that means your parents for most of you!

Once you get in you get to take your truck, Jeep, or monster mutt of a machine into any of our numerous events. These include Truck Tug-O-Wars, Monster Mud Pits, Swamp Romp, Rock Crawl, Maniac Mountain, Car Crush, Log Climb, Hill Climbs, Truck Teeter Totter and Trail Rides. You can even enter in competition and win money and prizes!

If you want to be a passenger in a truck you must pay an extra $5 for a Pit Pass and sign a waiver. Read the Admission Prices and watch the Promotional Video to the right for more information.

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Pull for your pride in the Truck Tug-O-War. Have you ever hooked your truck up to another truck with a solid steel bar? Now it’s time to see what kind of balls your beast has. It’s part truck setup and a lot of skill. Pull on cement or dirt, either way you’re going home with your head held high or with tears in your eyes. We prefer that you have a ½” hitch receiver. Occassionally we have Tug-O-War competitions. For rules and guidelines click here.

Mud Pits

Our 3 Monster Mud Pits have been with us from the beginning. They are what started it all. The Pits vary in difficulty from easy, to medium, to hard. The Deep Pit (the middle pit) is worth money each week. The bounty is split between each direction, from east to west and from west to east. Be the first to make it through on a given night and the money is yours. Keep an I on the Home Page for the weekly Pot.

Swamp Romp

The Swamp Romp is an oval mud track that is full of deep mud holes. You can just cruise along in the mud, or you and your friends can time each other as you go around and see who can make it the fastest.

Rock Crawl

If you have a Jeep or rock crawling machine this is the spot for you. There are over 2000 square feet of treacherous rocks and boulders that are calling your name. You need to have a strategy to navigate these monsters.

Maniac Mountain

Part of the Rock Crawl is Maniac Mountain. A 40 foot hill covered on two sides with big boulders for your climbing delight. Don’t attempt these without a roll cage and good safety belts, because they might toss you back down to the bottom.

Car Crush

Every year we get several beat-up cars and line them up for you to crush. Remember watching those mighty monster trucks as a kid? Now it’s your turn to roll over some steel with your big tires.

Log Climb

The Log Climb is 100 feet of giant logs for you to test your all terrain skills. It’s a bouncy ride that looks easier than it is to complete. Hold on tight and don’t give up without a fight!

Hill Climbs

There are several large hill climbs that are not for the faint-of-heart. Some of them are over 100 feet tall and they are quite steep. Do not attempt these unless you are a skilled driver and you and your passengers are all securely within your vehicle. A roll cage is not a bad idea for these beasts.

Truck Teeter Totter

The Truck Teeter Totter is a semi trailer on one axle. Take it slow as you drive out to the center of the trailer. If you are skilled enough you can balance your truck in the middle. For an extra challenge get a friend on the Teeter Totter at the same time and try balancing two trucks.

Trail Ride

Truck Night offers 3 miles of trails for the beginner to the advanced driver. It’s full of mud, hills, twists and turns. Take a cruise through the woods, but please stay on the bridges when entering the trails. Anyone caught driving through the creek will be removed from the event immediately.

Truck Pulls

A couple of times during the year we have Truck Pulls at Truck Night. If you are a participant you can hook up your truck for a fee and pull the sled. Time to find out if your truck can handle the weight! For details check out the Schedule Page.


There are plenty of competitions throughout the year, where you can win money and prizes. They include Tug-O-War competitions, Tough Truck Contests, Lawn Mower Demo Derbies, Deep Pit Challenges, Show and Shine Contests and more. Check the Schedule Page to see what is coming up this week.


If you are a participant then you have access to our Participant Parking area. This parking lot will be to your left when you enter the Participant Gates. Here you may park your trailer and unload your vehicle. Please do not block any trailers or double park anyone in. Even if the trailer is empty, please respect the other participants and allow them room to reload their trucks at the end of the night. If you do not need to park, please keep clear of the Participant Parking Area. It is congested as it is, so again, please stay clear if you do not truly need to park or unload.

Safety in the Parking area is paramount! Do not allow your children out of your site if you bring them into the participant area. Many trucks are lifted too high to see a small child directly in front of them. Please keep your children in your truck or have them by the hand in the participant area. We cannot stress safety enough.

When you are driving through the parking area keep your speed to a crawl and keep your eyes open. You cannot be too safe. Please watch out for each other. Think of everyone as one big extended family.

Safety and Rules

Our motto is “Be Safe and Have Fun”. Of course we want you to have a good time, but we do not want anyone to get hurt. And with so many trucks and people in one place you must keep aware of your surroundings.

First of you must follow all State and Federal Laws. That means no underage drinking or drinking and driving. If you are caught breaking these laws, you will be prosecuted and ejected from Truck Night. You must also keep your vehicle out of Yankee Run Creek. This is an EPA regulation and if you are caught crossing or driving through the creek you will be removed from the event. These rules are for your safety and the safety of others. Please obey them and everyone will have a good time.

If you have passengers in your truck you must also respect their safety. As a driver they are your responsibility. Do not do anything to jeopardize their safety. If you are reprimanded or instructed to do something by one of our Truck Night Staff, you must follow their orders. Ignoring them could lead to expulsion from the event.

If you notice anyone breaking the rules or driving recklessly, please notify one of our Staff Members or Police Officers. Do not personally intervene. Our Staff is trained to diffuse these situations.

For more detailed Participant Rules and for Competitions Specific Rules,
please visit our Rules Page.

Thank you and have fun!

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