Spectator Introduction

Get the family together and call your friends, it’s time to go down to Truck Night at Yankee Lake. Don’t worry. You don’t have to have a truck to have fun at Truck Night. As a Spectator you get to cheer on the participants as they have Truck Tug-O-Wars, Play in Monster Mud Pits, and Climb Giant Rocks. But that’s not all! There are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Read below.
(Admission Prices are to the right)

Games and Activities

There are plenty of fair games and activities for kids and adults alike. Ride a mechanical bull, climb a rock wall, smash bottles with a baseball, or let your kids play in a pit of foam. Some of these activities vary from week to week, but there will always be something fun for everyone at Truck Night at Yankee Lake.

Party Shuttle Rides

Truck Night at Yankee Lake has its very own Monster School Bus on Steroids. For $1 per person you can take a ride through the Participant area. Get up and close to the trucks, go through mud pits and over hills. If you don’t have your own truck this is your chance to get a taste of the action.

Special Events

Keep an eye on the Schedule Page for special events. Every week is something different at Truck Night. Some of our special events include Monster Truck Demonstrations, Truck and Tractor Pulls, General Lee Long Jump, Lawn Mower Demolition Derbies, Trucks Gone Wild weekend, and much more.

Food and Drink

You will never go hungry or thirsty at Truck Night. We have several food vendors with everything from delicious gyros, Stromboli, sausage sandwiches, and finger lickin’ chicken dinners, to fresh popcorn, funnel cakes, French fries and deep fried desserts. There are also two large cash bars on site where you can get refreshments like Pepsi soda products, Gatorade, and water, or an alcoholic beverage such as ice cold Miller Lite, Coors Light, or mixed drinks.

When the night is over don’t forget to stop in the Yankee Lake Inn, located at the front of the parking lot entrance. It’s a bar and restaurant with great drinks and tasty wings.

Rules & Safety

All Spectators are required to stay out of the participant area. Please do not climb over the fences or ignore warning signs. They are there for your safety and the safety of the participants. If you bring children to the event you must supervise them at all times. We are not responsible for watching your children and we want everyone to be safe and have fun. No pets are allowed!

All State and Federal Laws must be obeyed. If you intend to consume alcoholic beverages you must be 21 or older, show your ID at the entrance gate, and get a band from the on duty police officers. If you see someone drinking under age or witness misconduct of any kind, do not intervene. Go to the nearest Staff Member or Police Officer and notify them of the situation immediately. They are there to diffuse these situations.

There are Undercover Police Officers on duty at Truck Night. If you are caught drinking under age or breaking any laws you will be prosecuted and removed from the event.


If you want to Participate in the event please read the Participants Page for detailed information.