3 Classes 8500,6500,5000. Pulls are always in this order.
30 minutes before competition starts, everyone must show up for driver's meeting.
Rules (Please follow to allow fair competition and clean fun)
1. Be Safe and Have Fun!
2. Single elimination. Best 2 out of 3 pulls.
3. Must pull other truck 15 feet. Measured from center of the pulling bar.
4. All tugs start and stop by the signal lights on the pad.
5. All Trucks must weigh in prior to event.No truck weighing more than its class weight will be permitted in competition. Truck must maintain class weight though entire event. If over weight you will be disqualified.
6. You are not permitted to switch drivers after registration.
7. All Trucks must pass tech inspection.
8. Tugging off of the tug pad will result in disqualification. Your tires are not permitted to leave the pad once you are hooked up.
9. No truck adjustments on the pad. That includes tire pressure, locker adjustments, ratchet straps, etc..


1. No drinking alcohol when competing in a tug competition.
2. No passengers in cargo area of truck and passengers my not exceed OEM seatbelt numbers.
3. All doors must stay closed when signal lights are under green.
4. No one may exit truck once on the tug pad. If you need out of your truck or assistance from your crew driver must ask permission from official. After that you will have up to 2 minutes to work on your truck.
6. Only officials will be allowed on the tugging pad.
7. Fire extinguisher in tug truck are recommended.


1. Maximum 30” hitch height at all times. Hitch must be stationary at rear of truck.
2. Must be DOT approved tires. No Slicks, Racing Competition Tires or Retreads allowed. Officials have final say on whether a tire is acceptable or not.
3. If no bed, truck must have a rear u-joint shield. Shield must be 360 degrees, minimum of (6) inches long 1/4 inch thick made out of either steel or aluminum.
4. Front weight is allowed. All weight must be secured. If weight falls off you will be disqualified.
5. Front weights can be a maximum of 60 inches from center line of front axle to the furthermost point of weight.
All Officials Decisions Are Final!